2018 PIAAC Conference Evaluation Summary

Overall, 159 people attended the conference, with 143 people attending on December 6th and 119 people attending on December 7th. 103 people attended both days of the conference.

We asked conference attendees to fill out an evaluation form and received a total of 100 responses, for an approximate response rate of 63%.

Click on the five questions below to view summaries of the responses from the evaluation form:

What was your primary reason for attending the conference?

Primary Reason Bar Graph

* Written-in topics were: Correctional education; Trends and outcomes for various populations (e.g., low-skilled adults, young adults, English-language learners); Numeracy; Parent literacy; Adult basic education and career pathways; Financial literacy; and All topics of the conference.
** Other responses included: Attended a PIAAC workshop; To learn how PIAAC is used in different research areas; and To see how the survey could be strengthened.

How do you define yourself primarily?

Career Pie Chart

NOTE: About 5 percent identified themselves with more than one category. These are included as separate cases in the total count.

How valuable were the following parts of the conference to you?

Valuable Parts Bar Graph

NOTE: About 6 percent of the respondents marked Keynotes as not applicable.

The PIAAC Conference...

PIAAC Conference Bar Chart

NOTE: Between 1 and 2 percent of respondents marked each of these responses as not applicable.

The PIAAC Conference encouraged me to...

Encouraged Bar Chart

NOTE: About 14 percent of respondents marked "Use PIAAC data to conduct my own research" as not applicable, and about 5 percent marked "Review PIAAC results and presented papers to examine their policy implications" as not applicable. Two percent of respondents marked "Spread the word about PIAAC data" as not applicable.

Participant Feedback

Excellent overall! Great organization, presentations/papers, keynotes, also food. Thank you!!
First PIAAC conference and I am so glad I presented. Very genial yet rigorous intellectual exchanges. Definitely coming back!!
For a conference with so many papers presented you all did a great job. The agenda kept moving and the discussions had purpose.
I really appreciate the overall experience and the opportunity to learn more about the dataset. I think that using PIAAC will be a common practice for me in my career.
Stanley Andrisse was an excellent keynote speaker. Highlight of the conference!
I think this is a high quality conference and will spread information about PIAAC.
I think you did an excellent job orchestrating & organizing the conference. I appreciate the moderators & discussants that you recruited. They added a great deal to the presentations. Thank you for paying close attention to timing as well. Very organized & enjoyable! Thank you!
Great conference, very applicable to my work. Looking forward to sharing with my colleagues & potentially with learners.