Document Descriptions and Links to Download:

PIAAC Overview
A brochure that provides a succinct overview of what PIAAC is and how it can be used. This does not include results.

Key Results
A brochure that provides a summary of Key PIAAC Results. (Not yet updated with PIAAC 2012/2014 data)

OECD: Adult Skills in Focus
A series of reports developed by the OECD that describe key issues PIAAC brings light to.

OCTAE: Adult Workers with Low Measured Skills: A 2016 Update
This fact sheet uses PIAAC 2012/14 data to provide an updated profile of low-skilled workers in the U.S.

A selection of infographics created by AIR staff to illustrate PIAAC findings. You can print out any of these infographics and use them as handouts.

National Supplement
A brochure that provides information on the U.S. PIAAC National Supplement (collecting additional data on unemployed adults, U.S. young adults, adults aged 65-74, and incarcerated adults) that together expand the U.S. PIAAC 2012 sample by 5000 cases.

Education & Skills Online (ESO)
A brochure that describes the online assessment aligned with PIAAC and developed by ETS that will be available in 2015.