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PIAAC News in the United States


  • “43 Million American Adults Have ‘Low’ English Literacy Levels” (9/10/19, Language Magazine) Read more ›

  • “Degrees are important, but so are skills” (5/15/19, The Notebook) Read more ›

  • “US, UK among countries that need to do better on digital up-skilling, warns OECD” (5/13/19, Diginomica) Read more ›

  • “The Skill Level of the Average College Graduate Varies Enormously Across Countries” (4/19/19, Center for Immigration Studies) Read more ›

  • “Higher Income May Prove Elusive for Many College Grads” (3/21/19, PR Newswire) Read more ›

  • “Response to the American Immigration Council on the Value of Foreign Degrees” (3/12/19, Center for Immigration Studies) Read more ›

  • “Do Smarter Teachers Make Smarter Students?” (2/27/19, EducationNext) Read more ›

  • “Higher Pay Leads to Smarter Teachers, Global Study Says” (2/20/19, EdWeek) Read more ›


  • "Federal Leaders Are Highly Educated, And That Can Be a Problem" (11/19/18, Government Executive) Read more ›

  • "Education does not always equal social mobility" (11/12/18, The Conversation) Read more ›

  • "How Low Literacy Rates and Lack of Education Funding Fuel the Cycle of Incarceration" (8/5/18, Truthout) Read more ›

  • "What Happens to Academic Gender Gaps When Students Grow Up?" (8/1/18, EdWeek) Read more ›

  • "Casting Aside Shame and Stigma, Adults Tackle Struggles With Literacy" (4/26/18, NPR) Read more

  • "Millennials and the Tough Road Ahead" (4/17/18, PR Newswire) Read more

  • "New automation job study says 14% job losses--not 47%--over 20 years, but youth unemployment and low skill jobs hard hit" (4/3/18, Next Big Future) Read more

  • "Civilians R&D In Process: Eva von Schweinitz explores 'The Space between the Letters'" (3/27/18, Civilians/Extended Play) Read more

  • High number of adults unable to do basic mathematical tasks (3/15/18, The Conversation) Read more


  • "Taking English Seriously" (11/14/17, City Journal) Read more ›

  • "Why machines do not have to be the enemy" (10/31/17, Financial Times) Read more ›

  • "66 Million U.S. Residents Speak a Foreign Language at Home" (10/26/17, The Daily Caller) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Outperformed by the Rest of Developed World in Numeracy, New Comparison Finds" (9/27/17, EdWeek Market Brief) Read more ›

  • "Are Our Jobs Making Us Dumber?" (9/26/17, Education Week) Read more

  • "Rough Estimates of Refugee Literacy" (9/25/17, Center for Immigration Studies) Read more ›

  • "Donations from central Maine towns help literacy program expand" (8/20/17, Central Maine) Read more

  • "5 million immigrants granted US citizenship can't speak English" (7/12/17, Washington Examiner) Read more ›

  • "Millions of Immigrants Became Citizens Without Basic English Literacy" (7/11/17, Center for Immigration Studies) Read more ›

  • "67% Hispanic immigrants in U.S. 15 years or more are functionally illiterate" (6/21/17, Washington Examiner) Read more ›

  • "Immigrants Say They Are English-Proficient; Tests Say Otherwise" (6/21/17, LifeZette) Read more ›

  • "Large, Persistent English Literacy Gap for Immigrants" (6/21/17, PR Newswire) Read more ›

  • "Report: Illiteracy Among Hispanic Immigrants Persists Across Generations" (6/21/17, The Daily Caller) Read more ›


  • "Shocking data reveals Millennials lacking skills across board" (12/26/16, eCampus News) Read more ›

  • "PIAAC Survey of Incarcerated Adults Confirms the Need for Investment in Correctional Education" (11/22/16, CLASP) Read more ›

  • "Secretary of Education calls for high-quality education programs in correctional facilities" (11/18/16, Insight News) Read more ›

  • "Citing Prison Inmate Literacy Study, King Calls for More High-Quality Education Programs in Correctional Facilities" (11/17/16, U.S. Department of Education) Read more ›

  • "More than half of incarcerated adults lack basic numeracy skills; nearly one-third lack basic literacy skills" (11/15/16, PR Newswire) Read more ›

  • "When It Comes to Tech Skills, We're Not as Good as We Think" (10/19/16, Forbes) Read more ›

  • "America's outdated education system isn't producing the workers companies need" (9/24/16, Yahoo! Finance) Read more ›

  • "The President's Upskill Initiative: 1 Year Later" (4/26/16, White House Blog) Read more ›

  • "College Graduates Have an Edge Over Non-Degree Holders, Reveals PIAAC Study on Adult Skills" (4/13/16, GoodCall News) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Perform Below Global Peers in Tech, Numeracy, Study Finds" (4/5/16, Ed Week Market Brief) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Below Average in Numeracy and Tech. International Report Finds" (4/4/16, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "FACTS & FIGURES FROM PIAAC: First Look Update, 2012/2014" (3/31/16, National Council for Adult Learning) Read more ›

  • "Education indicators in Canada: An international perspective for 2015" (3/30/16, Exchange Magazine) Read more ›

  • "Not as Smart as We Think" (3/29/16, US News & World Report) Read more ›

  • "Bruce Stenslie and Roger Rice: Economy depends on educated, skilled workforce" (3/26/16, Ventura County Star) Read more ›

  • "International Test Results for Young Adults Suggest Opportunity Gaps" (3/24/16, Education Week) Read more

  • "INTERNATIONAL COMPARISONS: Literacy Skills of U.S. Adults Match International Averages, While Math and Technology Skills Lag Behind" (3/22/16, Alliance for Excellent Education) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Workforce Skills: Even Worse Than We Thought" (3/17/16, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "Americans are spectacularly bad at answering even the most basic math questions" (3/15/16, Quartz) Read more ›

  • "Americans with High School Diplomas Don’t Have Same Level of Skills as International Peers" (3/13/16, Law Street) Read more ›

  • "American High School Graduates Flunk International Study of Basic Skills" (3/11/16, Care2) Read more ›

  • "Johnny Can’t Read—or Sort Emails? US Ranks Dead Last in Tech Skills" (3/11/16, EdSurge) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Young Adults Lag Behind International Peers" (3/11/16, Inside Higher Ed) Read more ›

  • "Americans Rank Last in Problem-Solving With Technology" (3/10/16, The Wall Street Journal) Read more ›

  • "American Workers Rank Last In Problem-Solving Skills With Technology" (3/10/16, Fast Company) Read more ›

  • "America's High School Graduates Look Like Other Countries' High School Dropouts" (3/10/16, ) Read more ›

  • "Earning a college degree means having skills other workers don’t have" (3/10/16, The Hechinger Report) Read more ›

  • "Examining the workforce skills of U.S. unemployed, young, and older adults: Updated data from the PIAAC" (3/10/16, NCES Blog) Read more ›

  • "Report: Americans rank last in problem-solving with technology" (3/10/16, WTOP) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Lag Behind in Workforce Skills" (3/10/16, US News & World Report) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Lag Peers in Numeracy, Problem-Solving" (3/10/16, Politico) Read more ›

  • "The Surprising Lack Of Data About Literacy" (3/9/16, Wisconsin Public Radio) Read more ›

  • "Retraining low-skilled workers" (1/14/16, The Economist) Read more ›


  • "As the workforce ages, older workers need more support and greater opportunities for training and development." (12/28/15, LSE US Centre) Read more ›

  • "Science of Learning 101: Learning Sciences and the Changing Nature of Work" (11/23/15, Association for Talent Development) Read more ›

  • "To Help More Adult Learners Earn High School Equivalency Certificates" (11/10/15, PR Newswire) Read more ›

  • "Study: University graduates with lower levels of literacy and numeracy skills, 2012" (11/5/14, Exchange Magazine) Read more ›

  • "Behind the degree: Direct measures of cognitive skills or reports of highest degree earned" (9/29/15, NCES Blog) Read more ›

  • "Can Your Employees Read This?" (8/31/15, Chief Learning Officer) Read more ›

  • "Math Matters: How the Common Core Will Help the United States Bring Up Its Grade on Mathematics Education" (8/13/15, Center for American Progress) Read more ›

  • "Why America is Falling Behind the Rest of the World" (7/21/15, TIME) Read more›

  • "How to Confront America's International Skills Gap" (6/24/15, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "Millennials aren't as tech savvy as people think" (6/11/15, CNBC) Read more ›

  • "So You Think You Are a Digital Native?" (6/11/15, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

  • "A challenge and a reward: $7 million XPrize to create ed tech for adult literacy" (6/8/15, The Hechinger Report) Read more ›

  • "Not in school, not working: Millions of young people worldwide are disengaged" (5/27/15, The Washington Post) Read more ›

  • "OECD: Governments must step up efforts to tackle those out of training" (5/27/15, Training Journal) Read more ›

  • "GUEST COLUMN: Marijuana and school failure" (5/21/15, The Gazette) Read more ›

  • "The Millennial Myth: Why Generational Labels Don't Work For Hiring" (5/21/15, Forbes) Read more ›

  • "Schooling millennials" (5/9/15, The Tribune-Review) Read more ›

  • "Do Millennials’ Weak Skills Threaten America’s Competitiveness?" (5/15/15, Chief Learning Officer) Read more ›

  • "Job Security Confidence Is Soaring, But Americans Still Don't Have the Right Skills" (5/8/15, Main St) Read more ›

  • "Study: US Millennials' Skills Stack Up Poorly vs Those Overseas" (5/1/15, Newsmax) Read more ›

  • "How Millennials Could Damage the U.S. Economy" (4/30/15, The Fiscal Times) Read more ›

  • "Are You Smarter Than an 8th Grader?" (4/25/15, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "Are We Just Fooling Ourselves? Is American Education a Colossal Failure?" (4/16/15, Education Week) Read more

  • "Hoppy Kercheval: US Millennials don’t measure up" (3/31/15, Charleston Daily Mail) Read more ›

  • "Column: Gen-Y scores low on skills" (3/27/15, Daily Lobo) Read more ›

  • "Study: Americans Rank Last in Math Ability" (3/19/15, Tech.Co) Read more ›

  • "American Millennials Score Poorly Against Other Nations in Skills Assessment" (3/16/15, The New American) Read more ›

  • "America's Millennials: Well educated but unskilled" (3/13/15, CBS) Read more ›

  • "Millennials' Job Skills: Americans Score Low In Literacy, Basic Math And Problem Solving Compared To International Adults" (3/13/15, International Business Times) Read more ›

  • "American Millennials Are Some Of The World's Least Skilled People, Study Finds" (3/12/15, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

  • "This One Question Can Show if You’re Smarter than Most U.S. Millennials" (3/11/15, TIME) Read more ›

  • "American Millennials are among the world's least skilled" (3/10/15, Fortune) Read more ›

  • "We should be paying attention to the 1% of brainiacs, not billionaires" (3/10/15, Quartz) Read more ›

  • "American Teens, Young Adults Lag Behind International Peers in Tech Skills, Analysis Finds" (3/4/15, The Journal) Read more ›

  • "American millennials are literally the worst (at math)" (3/2/15, Vox) Read more ›

  • "Are American Millennials Falling Behind?" (3/2/15, Cheat Sheet) Read more ›

  • "U.S. millennials post ‘abysmal’ scores in tech skills test, lag behind foreign peers" (3/2/15, The Washington Post) Read more ›

  • "America's High-Risk, High-Reward Higher Education System" (3/1/15, Forbes) Read more ›

  • "US Immigrants Just as Smart as Average Americans, and That’s a Double-Edged Sword" (3/1/15, EPOCH TIMES) Read more ›

  • "36 Million Americans Lack Basic Work Skills" (2/28/15, Forbes) Read more ›

  • "How To Solve America's Low-Skills Crisis" (2/28/15, Forbes) Read more ›

  • "Improving workers’ skills must include immigrants" (2/26/15, Brookings) Read more ›

  • "American millennials lagging behind global peers" (2/26/15, The Daily Targum) Read more ›

  • "America’s schools produced disappointing results in recent surveys" (2/24/15, Bluefield Daily Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "American millennials rank low on global skills test" (2/23/15, Deseret News) Read more ›

  • "International students outperform American millennials, study finds" (2/20/15, The Daily Free Press) Read more›

  • "Report: American youngsters lag peers" (2/20/15, The Daily Tar Heel) Read more ›

  • "Report: Young Americans Lack Numeracy and Problem-Solving Skills" (2/19/15, Nearshore Americas) Read more ›

  • "The American Workforce: Survey Delivers Bad News" (2/19/15, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "These are the math and tech literacy questions many Americans can’t answer" (2/18/15, VentureBeat) Read more ›

  • "Report: U.S. Millennials Getting Schooled in Skills" (2/17/15, US News & World Report) Read more ›

  • "Study: U.S. Millennials Fall Short at Problem-Solving in Tech-Rich Environments, Other Skills" (2/17/15, The Journal) Read more ›

  • "The Skills Gap: America's Young Workers Are Lagging Behind" (2/17/15, The Atlantic) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Millennials Come Up Short in Global Skills Study" (2/17/15, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "A 'Disheartening Portrait' of the U.S. Labor Force" (2/16/15, City Lab) Read more ›

  • "Millennials' Weak Skills Threaten America's Competitiveness" (2/17/15, PR Newswire) Read more ›

  • "Americans are pretty bad at math. Especially young Americans." (2/4/15, The Washington Post) Read more ›

  • "RELEASE: Closing U.S. educational achievement gaps will increase GDP growth & raise revenue" (2/3/15, Washington Center for Equitable Growth) Read more ›


  • "American teachers: As mediocre as American students?" (12/12/14, Fortune) Read more ›

  • "The 'Great Gatsby Curve' for Character Skills and Mobility" (11/18/14, Brookings) Read more ›

  • "New Analysis Spotlights Employees' Basic Skills Gap" (11/13/14, AIR InformED) Read more ›

  • "A Simple Equation: More Education = More Income" (9/10/14, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "More on American Colleges’ Standing in the World" (7/7/14, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "Americans Think We Have the World’s Best Colleges. We Don’t." (6/28/14, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "It’s Now the Canadian Dream" (5/14/14, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "Fareed Zakaria: America’s educational failings" (5/1/14, The Washington Post) Read more ›

  • "The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest" (4/22/14, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "American Technical Training Fund: Creating a Strong Training Pipeline to Middle-Class Jobs" (2/1/14, U.S. DOE Homeroom) Read more ›


  • "Mind The Gap: How Education Inequality Holds Us Back" (12/12/13, WBUR) Read more ›

  • "The Common Core won't help the common man" (11/5/13, The Baltimore Sun) Read more ›

  • "To compete globally, invest in education" (11/12/13, Aiken Standard) Read more ›

  • "Americans lacking in basic skills" (10/29/13, CNN Money) Read more ›

  • "Reports says U.S. falls short in adult competencies" (10/29/13, The Bridgeport News) Read more ›

  • "Measuring America's Decline, in Three Charts" (10/23/13, The New Yorker) Read more ›

  • "In 23 Advanced Economies: U.S. Adults Rank 21st in Math Skills" (10/18/13, CNS News) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Have Mediocre Reading, Math, and Tech Skills: Does It Matter?" (10/16/13, The Atlantic) Read more ›

  • "America's problem: We're too dumb" (10/14/13, CNN) Read more ›

  • "Skilled for Life?: The Training Americans Need to Succeed" (10/14/13, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

  • "Lifelong Learning Is the Key to Competitiveness" (10/11/13, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

  • "OECD study exposes serious skills gaps in Europe" (10/11/13, University World News) Read more ›

  • "What to do about America's low-skill workforce" (10/11/13, American Enterprise Institute) Read more ›

  • "Basic Skills and Immigration" (10/10/13, National Review Online) Read more ›

  • "Study Shows Americans Falling Behind The World In Skill Attainment" (10/10/13, MintPress News) Read more ›

  • "Americans Are Rich but Not Very Competent" (10/9/13, Bloomberg Businessweek ) Read more ›

  • "Americans Are Way Behind in Math, Vocabulary, and Technology" (10/9/13, The Atlantic) Read more ›

  • "Can Angry Young Spaniard Get a Better Job?" (10/9/13, Bloomberg ) Read more ›

  • "Pro Literacy Syracuse Calls for More Investment in Adult Education" (10/9/13, WAER Syracuse) Read more ›

  • "Upgrade U.S. skills or pay the price" (10/9/13, NY Daily News) Read more ›

  • "American Adults Score Poorly on Global Test" (10/8/13, Associated Press) Read more ›

  • "America has fallen way behind in the smarts department" (10/8/13, The Week) Read more ›

  • "Americans Are Poorly Educated, Part XXVI" (10/8/13, Mother Jones) Read more ›

  • "Americans Don't Have the Skills They Need" (10/8/13, Slate) Read more ›

  • "America's New Unskilled Workers" (10/8/13, Yahoo! Finance) Read more ›

  • "America Tests Below the International Average on OECD Tests" (10/8/13, US News & World Report) Read more ›

  • "The Benefits of Improving U.S. Educational Performance" (10/8/13, National Review Online) Read more ›

  • "From Japan To Italy: Tour OECD's First-Ever National Rankings Of Adult Skills" (10/8/13, Worldcrunch) Read more ›

  • "Have we the skills we need to succeed?" (10/8/13, OECD Insights) Read more ›

  • "Lack of Worker Skills Threatens European Recovery" (10/8/13, Associated Press) Read more ›

  • "Low Skills to Hamper Spain, Italy Revival, OECD Says" (10/8/13, The Wall Street Journal) Read more ›

  • "Skill Up or Lose Out" (10/8/13, OECD educationtoday) Read more ›

  • "Stubborn Skills Gap in America’s Work Force" (10/8/13, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "Study Shows U.S. Adult Workplace Skills Lag Internationally" ( 10/8/13, Education Week) Read more ›

  • "Study: U.S. Adults Below Average In Literacy, Basic Math" (10/8/13, NPR) Read more ›

  • "Troubling Stats on Adult Literacy" (10/8/13, Inside Higher Ed) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Fare Poorly in a Study of Skills" (10/8/13, The New York Times) Read more ›

  • "U.S. adults lag behind counterparts overseas in skills" (10/8/13, USA Today) Read more ›

  • "U.S. Adults Lag In Practical Workplace Skills" (10/8/13, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

  • "U.S. adults lag most countries in literacy, math and computer skills" (10/8/13, The Washington Post) Read more ›

  • "U.S. in a 'real state of crisis,' education secretary says" (10/8/13, NBC News) Read more ›

  • "Younger Americans Fare Poorly on Skills Against International Peers" (10/8/13, The Wall Street Journal) Read more ›

  • "The United States, Falling Behind" (10/22/13, The New York Times) Read more ›

PIAAC News in the United Kingdom


  • “US, UK among countries that need to do better on digital up-skilling, warns OECD” (5/13/19, Diginomica) Read more ›


  • "Giving disadvantaged students a helping hand" (11/19/18, Education in Chemistry) Read more ›

  • "Growing Up With Lots of Books Could Give a Significant Boost in 3 Key Life Skills" (10/15/18, ScienceAlert) Read more ›

  • "Growing up in a house full of books is major boost to literacy and numeracy, study finds" (10/10/18, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "‘Striking weaknesses’ in adult financial skills" (3/15/18, BBC) Read more ›

  • "One in three English adults stumped by everyday maths" (3/15/18, The Week) Read more ›


  • "Poor numeracy costs the UK £20bn a year" (7/11/17, Economia) Read more ›

  • "Some college 'is better than none', study suggests" (1/26/17, Times Higher Education) Read more ›


  • "Concern after error ‘denigrates’ NI students" (2/3/16, News Letter) Read more ›

  • "British youngsters 'most illiterate' in developed world, says OECD" (2/1/16, Training Journal) Read more ›

  • "NI students 'among poorest skilled' in developed world countries" (2/1/16, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "OECD apologises to Northern Ireland students for report error" (2/2/16, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "England's Bad At English And Maths - Are You?" (1/29/16, Sky News) Read more ›

  • "Young people in England have 'lowest literacy levels' in developed world says OECD" (1/29/16, International Business Times) Read more ›

  • "Students with poor literacy and numeracy skills should not attend university, study suggests" (1/28/16, The Telegraph) Read more ›


  • "UK among world's worst for ‘teaching to the test’, research finds" (12/18/15, TES) Read more ›

  • "Schools go backwards: Pupils are worse at maths and literacy than their grandparents" (10/8/15, Daily Mail) Read more ›

  • "OECD survey highlights skills problem among young Britons" (5/27/15, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "Skills gap in UK wider than other developed countries, figures show" (5/27/15, TES) Read more ›

  • "UK nations have biggest skills gaps, says OECD" (5/27/15, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "Britain at bottom of global skills league table: Schools leavers and graduates are no better at maths and English than workers on verge of retirement" (5/23/15, Daily Mail) Read more ›

  • "Counting the cost of poor literacy and numeracy skills" (5/1/15, Full Fact) Read more ›

  • "Labour plans for maths until 18 'best protection' against unemployment" (4/28/15, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "A flagging model: America's higher-education system is no longer delivering all it should" (3/28/15, The Economist) Read more ›

  • "Britain's brightest leaving in brain drain and replaced with low skilled migrants" (2/26/15, The Telegraph) Read more ›


  • "Graduates' children ‘earn more’" (10/31/14, The Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "Parents' education ‘has greater effect’ in unequal countries" (10/31/14, Times Higher Education) Read more ›

  • "Students from wealthy backgrounds in Northern Ireland eight times more likely to have a degree: study" (10/31/14. The Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "Graduates in Italy and Spain have low basic skills, says OECD report" (9/9/14, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "New MPs’ investigation into adult literacy and numeracy under way" (2/11/14, FE Week) Read more ›


  • "The UK cannot afford to waste the potential of so many of its citizens" (10/22/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "Measuring adult skills: What can you do?" (10/12/13, The Economist) Read more ›

  • "Bottom of the class" (10/10/13, The Financial Times) Read more ›

  • "Failures in UK adult literacy and numeracy" (10/10/13, The Times) Read more ›

  • "Maths and middle age: Riddling sums" (10/10/13, The Economist) Read more ›

  • "OECD questions UK graduates’ literacy and numeracy" (10/10/13, Times Higher Education) Read more ›

  • "The obvious reasons why UK literacy and numeracy skills are among the lowest in the developed world" (10/10/13, The Independent) Read more ›

  • "Are Americans dumb? No, it's the inequality, stupid" (10/9/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "England's young adults trail world in literacy and maths" (10/9/13, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "Quarter of English have maths skills of a ten-year-old - OECD report" (10/9/13, The Times) Read more ›

  • "Worldwide rivals leave young UK adults trailing in the skills for jobs" (10/9/13, WalesOnline) Read more ›

  • "As others raced ahead, Britain's schools stood still" (10/8/13, The Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "British education in crisis? Literacy and numeracy skills of young people in UK among lowest in developed world" (10/8/13, The Independent) Read more ›

  • "Business leaders issue stark warning following OECD education study" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "Does England have the skills to win in the global economy?" (10/8/13, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "Education in England: sliding down the class" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "England's young people near bottom of global league table for basic skills" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "English literacy and numeracy – nothing short of a national disgrace" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "Interactive: where do the literacy and numeracy skills gaps fall?" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "Italy, Spain come bottom of OECD's basic skills class" (10/8/13, Reuters) Read more ›

  • "Literacy and numeracy: which country tops the league?" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "NI lagging behind in OECD literacy and numeracy study" (10/8/13, BBC News) Read more ›

  • "OECD: English school leavers 'among least literate and numerate in the developed world'" (10/8/13, The Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "OECD literacy leagues: poverty and inequality blamed for England's results" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "OECD report on skills marks down UK" (10/8/13, Times Higher Education) Read more ›

  • "Skills report warns of numeracy and literacy failings in England and Northern Ireland" (10/8/13, FE Week) Read more ›

  • "Social mobility is among the worst in the developed world because children from poorer backgrounds are less likely to get a good education" (10/8/13, Daily Mail) Read more ›

  • "Struggling UK kids are 'no smarter than their grandparents' and lag behind those other industrialised countries" (10/8/13, Daily Mirror) Read more ›

  • "Survey exposes skills shortage in England and US" (10/8/13, The Financial Times) Read more ›

  • "This literacy report is not a story of England's national decline" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • "UK young ‘far behind other nations’" (10/8/13, Express) Read more ›

  • "Why won’t the English learn" (10/8/13, The Financial Times) Read more ›

  • "Young worse at maths and English than grandparents and behind almost every other nation" (10/8/13, The Telegraph) Read more ›

  • "UK Young People's Numeracy, Literacy Skills Lowest In Developed World" (8/10/13, The Huffington Post) Read more ›

PIAAC News in Canada


  • “Canada’s shortfall in basic skills costs us all” (1/24/2019, The Globe and Mail) Read more ›


  • "Are Our Jobs Making Us Dumber?" (9/26/17, Education Week) Read more


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PIAAC News in Ireland


  • "800,000 people have literacy and numeracy problems" (9/9/17, Irish Examiner) Read more ›

  • "Ireland's Cinderella public training sector cost €1.7 billion in 2016" (7/25/17, Finfacts) Read more ›


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PIAAC News in Japan

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 PIAAC News in Other Countries

  • Australia

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    • "Australians lack basic literacy, numeracy skills" (10/11/13, Herald Sun) Read more ›

    • "Australian adults better at words than numbers" (10/9/13, The Australian Financial Review) Read more ›

    • "Nearly half of South Australian adults have poor or very poor literacy and numeracy skills, study finds" (10/9/13, The Advertiser) Read more ›

    • "Australia ranks fifth in literacy and 13th in numeracy, says OECD" (10/8/13, The Guardian) Read more ›

  • Chile

    • "Improving the skills of Chileans would boost productivity and inclusive growth" (4/6/18, Modern Diplomacy) Read more ›

  • Cyprus

    • "Older generation better at math and reading" (10/10/13, Cyprus Mail) Read more ›

  • France

    • "France lags behind the class in maths, reading" (10/8/13, The Local) Read more ›

  • Germany

    • "Every sixth German as literate as a ten-year-old" (10/8/13, The Local) Read more ›

    • "Germany scores 'average' in OECD reading, math test" (8/10/13, Deutsche Welle) Read more ›

  • Indonesia

    • "Indonesia's Call of Duty" (7/4/17, HRM Asia) Read more ›

    • "Why are Indonesians being left behind?" (9/9/16, East Asia Forum) Read more ›

    • "Indonesia's workforce in need of total overhaul" (9/3/16, The Jakarta Post) Read more ›

  • Israel

    • "School-Age Education May Offer Best Hope for Israel’s Tech Talent Crunch, Says Report" (5/6/19, CTech) Read more ›

    • "Underqualified Workers Costing Israeli Economy $11 Billion a Year, Central Bank Says" (4/1/19, Haaretz) Read more ›

    • "Can More Israelis Join the Country’s Tech Boom? Two Reports Draw Conflicting Conclusions" (12/16/18, CTech by Calcalist) Read more ›

    • "Challenges ahead as school year begins" (9/2/16, The Jerusalem Post) Read more ›

    • "OECD Report on Israelis' Lack of Skills Point to a National Problem That Must be Addressed" (6/30/16, Haaretz) Read more ›

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    • "Start-Up Nation's students lag behind in reading, math, and computer skills (6/28/16) Read more ›

    • "Economy Ministry to address ‘serious and growing skills shortages’ in Israel" (10/20/14) Read more ›

  • Kyrgyzstan

    • "Kyrgyzstan joins Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies" (10/25/18, AKIpress) Read more ›

  • New Zealand

    • "OECD working paper on automation of jobs highlights ‘the interesting case’ of NZ where growth of cognitive jobs, professionals & managerial roles has workers among the best placed in the OECD" (4/9/18, Read more

    • "A million Kiwis lack literacy skills, prompting call for review" (2/6/18, Stuff) Read more

    • "400,000 Kiwis don't read - here's what they're missing out on" (8/1/17, Stuff) Read more

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  • Singapore

    • "Singapore ranks third in educational mobility, but gaps remain: Report" (10/23/18, Today) Read more ›

    • "Brush up or lose out: Message for older adults" (6/29/16, Straits Times) Read more ›

    • "Critical skills gap found for Singapore staff" (6/29/16, HRD Singapore) Read more ›

    • "Higher skills likely to bring more pay in S'pore than in other countries: Survey" (6/29/16, Today) Read more ›

    • "Skills gap between younger and older Singapore workers: OECD study" (6/29/16, Straits Times) Read more ›

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    • "S'pore adults lagging behind in literacy, maths: OECD" (6/28/16, Today) Read more ›

  • Slovenia

    • "OECD survey claims 25% of Slovenian jobs could be automated, second highest in group" (4/4/18, Total Slovenia News) Read more ›

  • South Korea

    • "Report: South Korean workers strong in reading writing, lack problem solving skills" (7/4/17, The Hankyoreh) Read more ›

    • "Korea Estimated to Have Lowest Number of Robot-Replaceable Jobs" (5/31/16, The Korea Bizwire) Read more ›

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    • "Young Koreans may be tech savvy, but older adults lagging behind: OECD" (10/10/13, Arirang News) Read more ›

    • "Survey shows wide generation gap in adult literacy, skills" (10/8/13, The Korea Herald) Read more ›

  • Spain

    • "OECD study shows Spain bottom of class for educational basics" (10/8/13, People's Daily Online) Read more ›

  • Turkey

    • "Turkish adults score low in literacy, numeracy, problem-solving: OECD" (6/29/16, Hurriyet Daily News) Read more ›

  • Multiple Countries/General

    • "For immigrant adults, a higher education does not always lead to equal employment opportunities" (12/18/18, Education & Skills Today) Read more ›

    • "New PIAAC study coming up – to measure abilities among adults" (12/14/18, Nordic Labour Journal) Read more ›

    • "What is the relationship between literacy and single-parent families?" (12/12/18, Education & Skills Today) Read more ›

    • "Cynicism isn't as smart as we think it is" (7/18/18, Quartz) Read more ›

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    • "Impossible to compensate as an adult for deficiencies in compulsory education" (1/9/17, NordForsk) Read more ›

    • "The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think" (10/13/16, Nielson Norman Group) Read more ›

    • "ICT skills are substantially rewarded in modern labour markets" (9/23/16, LSE Business Review) Read more ›

    • "More on the Survey of Adult Skills: The outcome of investment in skills" (7/15/16, OECD Skills and Work) Read more ›

    • "Making Literacy Everyone's Business" (4/14/16, OECD Education & Skills Today) Read more ›

    • "Editorial: Basic skills - use them or lose them" (5/21/15, Nordic Labour Journal) Read more ›

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    • "Lack of skills is threat to future" (9/10/13, Politico) Read more ›

    • "Radical New Insights Into Adults’ Skills And Competences" (8/10/13, Social Europe Journal) Read more ›

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