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This video provides comprehensive, step-by step instructions on how to use PIAAC international data explorer (IDE).  It contains a detailed information about PIAAC-IDE content and capabilities as well as how PIAAC data is organized in this tool.  

U.S. PIAAC IDE Training Video Outline


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Training Video Outline


Overview of PIAAC IDE training video

Introduction to PIAAC

What is PIAAC and what does it assess?

Introduction to the International Data Explorer (IDE)

What is the PIAAC IDE and what can you do with it?

Content and Organization of the IDE

What kinds of data are available in the IDE and where?

Scenarios: Group A

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Research Questions

Goals and Tasks

1) What are the average literacy skills of adults 16-65 in the U.S. and internationally?

Set-up basic criteria
Select Appropriate Variables
Report results as average scores

2) How does the distribution of proficiency levels of numeracy skills among U.S. young adults ages 16-34 compare to the distribution among their peers internationally?

Introduce different types of results:
     -Perform significance testing
      (between jurisdictions)

3) How do percentiles on the literacy scale vary among incarcerated adults between those who do and those who do not have a prison job?

Introduce different types of statistics:
    -Create a figure: percentiles chart

4) How does the distribution of numeracy skills among U.S. adults ages 16-65 who did not participate in non-formal education compare to the distribution among Canadian and German adults who did not?

Answer a research question using
multiple variables
Conduct significance testing
between jurisdictions using a map