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The U.S. average score on PIAAC's Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments assessment was below the international average and lower than all other participating countries.

Now you can explore this data and more. The U.S. PIAAC National Supplement Data Files and Technical Report are now available.

Download the data files
Download the U.S. PIAAC 2012/2014: Main Study and National Supplement Technical Report

What will be released next?
November 15, 2016
PIAAC 2014 Prison Study report
PIAAC 2014 Prison Study public-use and restricted-use data files
Updated NCES International Data Explorer (IDE) that includes the combined PIAAC 2012/2014 household data and prison data
Updated PIAAC Results Portal with prison data

Winter 2017
A report that focuses on how skill levels are associated with employment and education status among U.S. young adults (ages 16–34) 

Conference materials are now available. Click here to access them.

NEW! OECD Releases Results from PIAAC Round 2 Countries

Skills Matter - Further Results from the Survey of Adult Skills

June 28, 2016 - This OECD report presents results from the nine additional countries that participated in the second round of PIAAC in 2014-15 (including Chile, Greece, Indonesia [Jakarta], Israel, Lithuania, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey), in addition to the first international round of PIAAC data collected in 24 countries in 2011-12. Read the full report.


The Survey of Adult Skills - Reader's Companion, 2nd Edition

June 28, 2016 - This OECD volume describes the design and methodology of the PIAAC study and its relevance to other international student and adult skills assessments. Read the full report.

Explore the OECD Round 2 Data

Download the International Public Use Files (PUF) from the OECD Public Data and Analysis website and check out the updated International Data Explorer (IDE).

OCTAE Factsheet and Infographic on Low-skilled Adults

In April 2016, OCTAE released an updated factsheet and infographic. The factsheet was updated using PIAAC 2012/2014 data and was referenced in the White House blog on "The President's Upskill Initiative: 1 Year Later."   

PIAAC Infographics


OECD Report on Adults, Computers and Problem Solving

An in-depth analysis of the results from PIAAC's problem solving in technology-rich environments (PSTRE) assessment. Proficiency in problem solving using ICT is related to greater participation in the labour force, lower unemployment, and higher wages. By contrast, a lack of computer experience has a substantial negative impact on labour market outcomes, even after controlling for other factors.


PIAAC Distance Learning Dataset Training

Access this free online training module provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and learn more about the PIAAC study and how to achieve accurate results, all at your own pace. Begin watching the modules here › 

Also, we created a flyer about these training modules. Check it out here ›

OECD Outlook on Youth, Skills and Employability


NCES PIAAC Data Explorer

NCES has released a Data Explorer for producing custom PIAAC data tables.
Access the Data Explorer here ›

For new users, AIR has recorded a training on how to use the PIAAC Data Explorer.
View the training video here


NCES PIAAC Results Portal


OECD U.S. Skills Report