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OECD Report on Adults, Computers and Problem Solving

An in-depth analysis of the results from PIAAC's problem solving in technology-rich environments (PSTRE) assessment. Proficiency in problem solving using ICT is related to greater participation in the labour force, lower unemployment, and higher wages. By contrast, a lack of computer experience has a substantial negative impact on labour market outcomes, even after controlling for other factors.


PIAAC Distance Learning Dataset Training

Access this free online training module provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and learn more about the PIAAC study and how to achieve accurate results, all at your own pace. Begin watching the modules here › 

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OECD Outlook on Youth, Skills and Employability


NCES PIAAC Data Explorer

NCES has released a Data Explorer for producing custom PIAAC data tables.
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For new users, AIR has recorded a training on how to use the PIAAC Data Explorer.
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OECD U.S. Skills Report