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PIAAC 3-Day Training Event

Multidisciplinary research teams are invited to apply to attend the 3-day training event. PIAAC, the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, was conducted by the OECD in 24 countries. It assesses adults’ proficiency in four information-processing skills: literacy, numeracy, problem solving in technology-rich environments, and reading components. PIAAC data provide researchers with unprecedented opportunities to examine questions that may have a significant impact on policy and practices in multiple fields. 

During the training event, experts will provide hands-on training in the use of PIAAC to conduct research in education, sociology, public health, economics, and criminal justice/corrections education. The goal of the events is to build the capacity of the U.S. research community to use the PIAAC data set for research within and across disciplines. The training grant has an overarching priority to make the data available and support researchers from diverse races/ethnicities and backgrounds.

Applicants should be familiar with commonly used statistical methods and either SPSS, Stata or SAS statistical software. Participants must bring their own laptop equipped with statistical software to the training events. Completion of advanced preparatory activities will be required to make these face-to-face events effective. Follow-up online activities will provide ongoing support for participating researchers. Researchers will be encouraged to report on their PIAAC-related research at a culminating conference in June 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

Visit the PIAAC Training Events website for further information, to download the application. Direct any questions about the PIAAC Training Events to or 503-725-8720.