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SCALE's Read. Write. Act. Virtual Conference 2015

Katie Landeros (AIR) will be presenting on "Literacy, Political Efficacy, Race, and Civic Engagement: Results from the PIAAC Study". This session will focus on the literacy performance of low-skilled adults in the U.S. by various characteristics such as gender, age, race/ethnicity, and nativity. The PIAAC data contain information on how literacy proficiency is related to many social and economic contexts such as trust in others, political efficacy, education, income, social mobility, and civic engagement. In addition, a demonstration of Education and Skills Online (E&SO), an online assessment tool will be provided. E&SO is an individual assessment tool for adults of any age who want to measure their basic and workforce-readiness skills and compare their results to the PIAAC study results. For more information the conference, please click here.