It is National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Did you know...?

  • 81 percent of Hispanic adults in the U.S. reported "good" or better health. These adults scored 26 points higher in literacy than their peers who reported fair/poor health.
  • 58 percent of Hispanic adults said they had health insurance, and those who did scored 22 points higher in literacy.
  • 65 percent of Hispanic adults completed high school or higher.  Those who completed high school achieved a higher literacy score (32 points) than those who did not.
  • Young Hispanic adults (ages 16-24) scored higher in literacy than adults in older age groups.
  • Low literacy skills are four times more common among Hispanics than among Whites.

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A Call for Papers for a New PLOS Collection

The NICHD, OBSSR, and OCTAE are pleased to announce a call for research papers  on the relationship of education and skills to public health for adults and their families, particularly for those most at risk for poor educational, economic and health outcomes. Click here for more information ›

AIR PIAAC Commissioned Papers

AIR has announced the recipients of seven PIAAC commissioned papers. Seven proposals on a variety of subjects were funded.